Secret owner ⛓ NFT secrets 🧞

Year: 2022
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How does it feel to trade secrets? Would you be rather an investor or the one who sells his mystery? Maybe both? In project „Secret owner“ I have experimented with the idea of trading people’s secrets using blockchain. Stories are recorded as audio track and then sold as NFT. The buyer has two options – listen to the story and reveal the content or keep the purchased mystery as an investment. Audio track can be played only once – then smart contact overwrites, meaning the story becomes unavailable both for listening and trading.

Blocks smart lockers 

︎︎︎ Web
Part of the work on the complete visual identity of Blocks Smart Lockers
Year: 2021


︎︎︎ Web
Art direction for multidisciplinary designer Michaela Šindlerová 

Year: 2021
Code: Lukáš Lazar
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Platforma Výkvět 

We designed a website and certification for a newly established non-profit organization that brings together local growers of organic cut flowers. These cut flowers do not travel halfway around the world are grown ethically and do not contain any pesticides or other harmful substances.

Year: 2021
Cooperation: Kryštof Novák

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